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Product Design
Project Overview
The Affirm Prequal project was a straightforward objective: Take the existing, well-established native mobile experience and bring it to the web. In the native mobile experience, users can prequalify with Affirm up to a given amount, and at any time generate a one-time-use virtual credit card to spend at the merchant of their choice. On the surface, it looks like a digital credit card, but under the hood, it acts as a traditional point of sale installment loan – the same as if Affirm were used at check on Walmart, Expedia, or Wayfair.
My Contributions

The first step in the Affirm Prequalification on Web project was to handle the onboarding into the experience. Not anyone can sign up for Affirm and take out a loan. The user first has to prequalify for us to determine how much we want to extend for this outstanding "line of credit" per se. What does this experience look like if they haven't prequalified? How do we make that experience clear and approachable? What if they get declined? Those edge cases were important to get right.

Secondly, we wanted to utilize as much of the existing virtual card experience that had existed up until this project. Working with engineering teams across our consumer and retail teams to ensure we had continuity across all of these checkout flows was a critical part to nail. We delivered a near-identical experience across all of our web experience, with the added bonus of the ability to reuse the same modal to reduce engineering lift. That was a big win for both Affirm and our users.

Lastly, we wanted to bring the recently launched offers project to the web. For those who wanted to shop wherever they'd like, they had an open guaranteed amount to spend. But for those who wanted to take advantage of special interest-free merchant offers, we wanted to bring that native mobile experience to the web during this project as well while we were at it.

This was a truly cross-functional project that spanned multiple teams across Affirm including credit, product, design, and engineering. It provided an immediate bump to our overall load volume, offered an entirely new experience for those who had never downloaded the Affirm app, and ultimately served as a great onboarding tool between our point-of-sale merchant customers and our native mobile experience.
Product Design
Nov 2017 — Aug 2019
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