Hey there!

I'm Patrick Reynolds

I'm a designer and software engineer currently based in San Francisco, CA. I love what I do because of its ability to have a significant, positive impact on people's lives at scale. A well-designed product has the power to save people time, reduce frustration, capture untapped value, and bring them joy.

When I'm not working, I enjoy photography, traveling, reading, working out, and tinkering with anything that has an engine on it.

My career so far

There are two things I've found endlessly fascinating since I was a kid:

1. Understanding how things work.
2. Understanding why people do what they do.

The former, how things work, led me to software engineering. I loved the process of deconstructing how modern-day software applications worked. From there, I could come up with an idea for a product and have the autonomy to prototype and create it myself.

The latter, understanding why people do what they do, lead me to product design. The process of developing a hypothesis for a new product, quickly prototyping it, and putting it in front of users is a near-addicting feedback loop. There's no more effective, humbling way to develop empathy for the end-user than to watch them struggle to use something you created. Conversely, there's nothing more rewarding than creating a product that people use over and over again due to the value it provides and/or delight it brings them.

I've also had an entrepreneurial spirit my entire life. With that has come deep respect for builders and creators. I admire those who have identified an opportunity (ideally a problem) in the world and put in the work to bring a solution to life – no matter how large or small.

Going forward, I plan to continue building impactful, mission-driven products – whether that's building my own or helping inspiring founders execute on theirs.

My skills

User Research
UX/UI Design
iOS Development
Full-stack Engineering


This is a short list of things and people that have had an exceptional impact on me, my life, and the way I think (in no particular order).

Qualities I value

These are traits I strive to embody, and I deeply enjoy spending time with people who do as well.

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