Pop & Bottle

Products Design
Project Overview
Pop & Bottle is a plant-based latte company with lines of almond and oat milk in many delicious flavors. Although they had great reach in 1500+ whole foods across the U.S. Coasts, they were looking to re-launch their online direct-to-consumer business. With that, they wanted to redesign the homepage, products page, and product details pages to improve clarity and optimize conversion before the launch.
My Contributions
In efforts to get Pop & Bottle's site freshened up and ready for their direct-to-consumer launch, I helped them on a 6-week, part-time freelance project. I worked directly with their co-founder, Blair, and Head of Marketing, Shelley, to make it happen. I redesigned their products page and product details page, and Blair and I worked together on the homepage design that you see today.
The goal with Pop & Bottle was to ensure every marketing effort on the upcoming D2C launch, paid and organic, was met with a great end experience. One of their biggest fears was sending an influx of new customers to a sub-par experience. They wanted their value prop to be clear, their products digestible, and purchase process – one-time and subscription – to be straightforward.

After those objectives were clarified, we were off to the races. I conducted a "best in class" competitive analysis of some of the best online D2C brands in the industry so we could talk more concretely about what the two co-founders and Head of Marketing gravitated towards, and more importantly, who had clear, intuitive sites.

Through a couple of iterations, we ultimately landed on the designs, desktop and mobile responsive, that you see below. Their development agency did a great job with the custom Shopify build, and the reception from Pop & Bottle's customers was great. Ultimately the brand was more clear, conversion rates increased across all of their primary top-line funnels to their shopping cart, and their new subscription options were welcomed by their loyal, existing customers.

One of my favorite aspects of this project was getting the opportunity to work with such an established brand that wasn't my personal aesthetic. The defined Pop & Bottle brand with their pastel palette and beautiful photography provided helpful constraints and made it easy to reduce as much content as possible without losing the look and feel of the brand.
Pop & Bottle
Product Design
Fall 2018
Pop & Bottle Co-Founders

Blair Fletcher Hardy and Jash Mehta

Head of Marketing

Shelley Tang