Design, Engineering, Product
Project Overview
Fave is a collaborative list app that helps you curate and recommend your favorite things to friends.
My Contributions
Fave was a project my friend, Albert, and I had been brainstorming for years. At the beginning of 2019, we decided to divvy up the work and bring it to life.

We both white-boarded many experiences together, but I was ultimately responsible for product, design, analytics, building out the iOS app, and lending a hand in building out the web application. Albert owned the entire back-end api, database, infrastructure, and deployment process.
Apr 2019 - Dec 2019
In addition to both Albert and I wishing a product like Fave existed for ourselves, the inspiration behind Fave was two-fold:

1. With the increasing quantity of information online, along with the increasing rate of content production, there has never been a greater need for quality curated sources of information to help cut through the noise.

2. 90% of people trust the recommendation of a friend or family over any other form of media.

This got us wanting to utilize and leverage untapped social capital that we all possess today, but infrequently take advantage of.

The Fave product experience is simple – create and curate lists of your favorite things to easily share them with your friends. In turn, you and your friends can quickly see the places you like to go, the products you've endorsed, and the information you've found to be exceptional.

Here is a copy of our W2020 Y Combinator application if you're interested in more detailed information about our approach and vision for what we saw in Fave.

After signing up hundreds of users, and conducting user research interviews with nearly all of them, we decided to take our invaluable learnings from Fave and apply them to other ideas.

Below are a few screenshots of the experience...